Japan: Introduction

  1. Introduction

“Why Japan?”

We were asked this question by many Japanese people on this trip, and to be honest we didn’t have a great answer. We’ve been wanting to go to Japan for a while – but why? Well, a lot of our other friends have been to Japan and really enjoyed it. We were interested in observing a culture that’s so different from our own. And we were ready to eat our way through the Japan. We had a great trip and I’m excited to share reviews and highlights in this trip report! Read More

Booking a hotel in Osaka

Now that Max and I have secured our flights to Japan, it’s time to start thinking about accommodations. Luckily, we still have some points left over after booking our business class flights. So taking inventory, we have:

I know we’ll want to be able to easily access Universal Studios Japan, Nara Park, Umeda Sky Building, and other attractions: Read More

Going to Japan!

Last April, my boyfriend and I went on a two week vacation to Turkey and Greece for our four year anniversary.


Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia was unforgettable!

It was a completely amazing trip, and we wanted to do another trip in 2016. Since I chose Turkey and Greece last year, I told Max to pick a place. He chose Japan, which has been on both of our travel lists for awhile, and he also wants a new pillow. Read More