Recent Reading


Modern Romance: A highly anticipated release. For the most part, I enjoyed this book and found the content interesting. There are some parts where Aziz Ansari’s humor really shines through and I found myself laughing out loud. There were other parts where it felt like the attempts at humor fell flat and ended up interrupting the content. If you live in a city like SF and are around my age, some of the anecdotes won’t be anything new or revelatory (ex: Tinder, millenials always looking to upgrade, etc). Probably the most interesting part was the section on modern “dating” in Japan right now. 

Upstairs at the White House: I love reading about The White House. This book covers the first ladies’ time in the White House, from Eleanor Roosevelt to Lady Bird Johnson. All the First Ladies had different personalities, approaches to their marriage, and styles of managing the house.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Poor writing, but interesting story for the first ¾ of the book. The book paints Holly Madison in a mostly flattering light. I read this with my friends for a book club, and we all felt that we weren’t getting all sides of the story. The ending dragged on a bit.