My Favorite Portuguese Souvenirs

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When I travel, I love bringing back small gifts for my friends and family! Here’s a list of my favorite souvenirs from Lisbon and the Azores, and where to get them.


1. Ginjinha

Ginjinha is a sour cherry Portuguese liqueur. When I did a food tour in Lisbon, our guide took us to the original location in Lisbon, near Rossio station.

Where to buy

A Ginjinha is the original location, but you can also find it in grocery stores.

2. Jam

I really like hitting up grocery stores for souvenirs/gifts. Whenever I had a cheese board in Portugal, it came with a spoonful of delicious jam. Unfortunately, you can’t bring cheese back to the US, but you can bring jam! I especially liked the pineapple jam from the Azores.

Where to buy

Any grocery store

3. Sea Salt

When I went to Greece, I brought back olive oil for my friends. But in Portugal, it’s the sea salt that’s special. I picked up some small containers that were easy to transport.

Where to buy

A Vida Portugesa has multiple locations in Lisbon. Or any grocery store.

4. Vinho Verde

IMG_8445 (1).JPG

Vinho verde literally translates to green wine, but it really means “young wine”. This wine is fruity and a little fizzy and a total bargain! I got this one at a grocery store in the Azores for 3 euro, and it was the most expensive green wine they had 😉

Where to buy

Any grocery store!

5. Sardines

Is there anything more photogenic than these sardine tins? I feel like the sardine is the most Portuguese fish out there. Luckily these tins are cheap and you can bring them back to the US.

Where to buy

A Vida Portugesa has multiple locations in Lisbon. Or any grocery store.

6. Portuguese Tile

When walking around Lisbon, I saw the most beautiful tilework all around the city. I brought back a bunch of small tiles for my friends. You can buy little rubber feet to glue to the bottom, then use them as coasters. Or you can frame them and display as artwork!

Where to buy

Cortico & Netos in Lisbon

7. Quiejadas


I found these delicious pastries in the small town of Vila Franca de Campo in Sao Miguel, Azores. There’s a shop in Ponta Delgada airport before security that sells them by the box. I ended up bringing the box to work to share with my coworkers.

Where to Buy

Quiejadas de Vila Franca or Ponta Delgada Airport

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