Review: SATA Lounge PDL and Azores Airlines PDL – BOS Economy

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This was my birthday — and when I woke up on September 10th, I had no idea how long this day would be.

After a final delicious breakfast at Azor Hotel, we refilled our car’s gas tank and drove to PDL airport, where we returned our rental car. When we picked up our rental car, we waited in line for about an hour. So when returning our car, we arrived at the airport very early (11:30am for our 3:15pm flight). Returning the car ended up being a 10 minute process, so we ended up spending a lot of time in the airport.

After some duty free shopping in the terminal, we headed to the check in counter. When checking in, the agent weighed our checked baggage as well as our carry-ons (but not our backpacks).


We were given paper boarding passes with the TAP logo as the background.


Security was quick, and we found ourselves in the very small terminal. After exiting security, the SATA lounge was immediately to the left.



Even though we were flying economy, we had access to the SATA Lounge thanks to Priority Pass. The lounge is small and basic. It consists of one room, and features free wifi and a small beverage snack area. It does not have a bathroom, so we had to leave the lounge to use the bathroom in the terminal.







We arrived at the airport quite early, and spent a couple hours in the lounge. Then we realized that our flight would be extremely delayed, since our plane was still in Lisbon. We were definitely going to miss our flight form Boston to San Francisco. Even though the lounge contains a SATA desk, they were unable to help us figure out what was going to happen with our connection.


They advised us to exit security to talk to the SATA desk or go to the gate to try to talk to the gate agent. The gate agent informed me that we would be rebooked on another flight, and we would get that information upon landing in Boston.

Azores Airlines PDL – BOS

  • Azores Airlines
  • Sep 10, 2017
  • Depart PDL 3:15pm
  • Arrive BOS 5:05pm
  • Airbus A310
  • Seats 32H, 32J (Economy)

We ended up being two hours delayed, since our inbound aircraft from Lisbon was 2.5 hours late.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.58.03 PM.png
very late inbound aircraft

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.58.23 PM.png

At around 5:30pm, our plane finally made an appearance.


We finally boarded via stairs at the back of the plane.



Seating was in a 2-4-2 layout, though the last few rows were in a 2-3-2 layout.



This plane was old — look at these ancient monitors!


The good thing about old planes is they have more legroom that economy nowadays!


The armrest contained audio controls, and the seat came with cheap earbuds.

Dinner consisted of pasta, pasta salad, a roll, and cake.

The meal was actually good. Max said it was the best meal he’s had in economy because “it’s not trying to be something more than it is.”

We were also served cookies.


We landed at 6:30pm, and gate agents were ready for us in the jet bridge with information for our next flight. Our flight to San Francisco was scheduled to depart at 7:15pm, and it was one of the last flights out of Boston into San Francisco.

The airline booked a room for us at the Residence Inn Boston/Chelsea Airport and a Virgin America flight at 7:19am the next day. #shithappens

If the airline had not booked a hotel for us, I had luckily paid for this flight with my Citi Prestige, which has trip delay protection.

Bottom Line

It’s awesome that Azores Airlines offers direct service from the east coast to Sao Miguel. It’s understandable that delays happen; overall, my onboard experience was fine. However, now that Delta is flying direct from JFK, I’d rather fly with them!

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