Review: Airspace Lounge JFK

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After our JetBlue flight, we found ourselves in Terminal 5 of JFK. When traveling, I use the LoungeBuddy app to find the best lounges that are accessible to me. We gained access to the Airspace Lounge via Amex Platinum’s Global Lounge Collection.


Terminal 5 is huge! We walked for about 5-10 minutes before reaching the entrance to the lounge at around 9pm.

Airspace Lounge JFK Entrance

Upon entering, the employee at the front desk swiped my Amex card and scanned our boarding passes. He gave us $20 worth of credit to use in the lounge and informed us that there would be a boarding call for our TAP flight.

The lounge has two levels, and you enter on the bottom level.

Airspace Lounge JFK
Airspace Lounge JFK

Meanwhile, the bar and self service drink station are on the upper level.

Airspace Lounge JFK Bar

We did not order food since we had eaten in the terminal. For what it’s worth, the menus are below and each person gets a $10 credit upon entering. You order at the bar and when your order is ready, someone calls it out.

Airspace Lounge JFK Food Menu
Airspace Lounge JFK Drink Menu

Since our next flight was a 6 hour redeye to Lisbon, I was very fixated on completing my nighttime routine. That involved a shower, so I informed the staff who unlocked the bathroom for me and gave me a towel + toiletry kit.

Let me just say the shower seemed clean but I never saw anyone actually clean it after I used it. This freaks out my inner germaphobe, but my inner nighttime-routine-enforcer overrode that, so I used the shower anyways.

Airspace Lounge JFK Shower
Airspace Lounge JFK Shower + Toilet

The amenity kit was a simple black bag, which I think is a common bag used by airlines because there’s an identical one with gray detailing in my pantry.

Airspace Lounge JFK Amenity Kit

The kit contained a razor + shave cream, toothbrush + toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant.

Airspace Lounge JFK Amenity Kit

There was also a large vanity with some sort of (nonfunctional) “smart” display.


After my shower, I utilized the drink station to make myself a cup of nighttime tea. I was totally ready for this red-eye. At about 10:30, an employee announced to the lounge that the TAP flight was boarding, so we headed to the gate which was right next door.

Bottom Line

It’s not luxurious, but I think the lounge is a worthwhile stop if you’re in Terminal 5.

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