Review: Aeromexico Clase Premier MEX – SFO

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I arrived at the airport around 7:15am. Using the kiosk, I printed my boarding pass. My previous flight from GDL – MEX made me a Delta Silver. So I was pleased to see that reflected on my boarding pass, which read SILVER ELITE. However, I was not pleased to see SSSS was printed on it:


“SSSS” stands for secondary security screening selection which meant I would need to go through additional security :/

So I headed to security with some apprehension but the process was quick and easy. The security agent was extremely nice and even chatted with me in Spanish.

I headed to a store to buy some bottled water so I could stay hydrated on my flight. Then I headed to the gate, which is where SSSS reared its ugly head. The gate agent made an announcement calling my name; when I approached the desk, she took my boarding pass! “But. Um, I’ll get my boarding pass back, right?” She assured me I would. However, the other agents began boarding the flight, including first class, priority, and part of economy before my boarding pass was given back to me. I had to go through another security search + pat down and then I was allowed to board the plane.

Aeromexico 668: MEX – SFO
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Departure: Aug 25 9:10 AM
Arrival: Aug 25 11:26 AM
Duration: 4 hr, 16 min
Seat: 3A

I wasn’t able to get good cabin photos since I was delayed in boarding. First thing I noticed was this plane was old. I was in Seat 3A, the last row of business class.


The seats and controls were worn down, and one button was broken.


The legroom was more limited, compared to my previous flight.


We pushed back at around 9:15am and took off at 9:30. Shortly after, breakfast was served at 10am. It consisted of an omelet, cheese, beans, croissant, fruit and eggs. The omelet was awful but I ate the croissant and yogurt.


The breakfast service ended at 10:30am. I was hoping to get some work done once we reached US airspace, but for the entire flight wifi was unavailable.


There was no seatback entertainment, but there were a few overhead monitors playing Marley & Me.


I ended up sleeping for the entire flight. We landed at SFO’s International Terminal. Thanks to Global Entry, I made it through security quickly and was in the office by noon.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. To view more, click here.

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