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I stayed just one night in Mexico City, so my priority was to be near the office which is located in the trendy Polanco area. Ultimately, I only spent about ~6 hours in the hotel. I got back to my room at 1am and left around 7am.


About 4 days before check-in, I booked a Standard King room for $175. If I were traveling for leisure, I would probably book an Airbnb instead.

For this stay, I earned 2,889 Hyatt points (889 base + 2,000 Q3 bonus).

Checking In

I arrived at the hotel around 1pm and made my way to the check-in desks, where there was no line.

Hyatt Regency Mexico City – Check In

The lobby is open to the floors above, which makes the space feel large and open.

Hyatt Regency Mexico City – Check In
Hyatt Regency Mexico City – Check In


I was assigned room 1708. I didn’t have to wait long for an elevator, because there were many:


My room was just a couple doors away from the elevators.

I dropped off my stuff an quickly took some pictures before heading to the office.

Upon entering the room, the closet was on the left and the bathroom was on the right.


Closet with safe and slippers





There were two bottles of water in the bathroom, presumably because using the tap water (even to brush your teeth) is a no-no in Mexico. At least that’s what Sex and the City taught me:

Just beyond the closet was a small minibar area, which I did not use.


The fridge was partially filled, so it’s possible to store some small items in there.

The main area of the room had a king size bed, luggage storage area below the TV, desk+chair, and chaise lounge.




Pretty much everything in the room was made with the same light wood, which had a very calming effect. It felt Scandinavian.

The window had a view of the park nearby.


In Room Dining

I arrived back at my hotel room around 1:30am, so I placed a call to room service to schedule breakfast to arrive at 6:15am. Right on time, my continental breakfast arrived:


The fruit was fresh and the coffee much needed. Soon after, I headed to the lobby to check out for my flight back to SF.

Bottom Line

If I had to travel to Mexico City for work, I’d happily stay at this hotel again. For leisure travel, I’d stay somewhere more affordable.

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