Review: Aeromexico Clase Premier GDL -MEX

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After spending some time in the lounge, I headed to the gate where a bus was waiting to transport passengers to a remote stand. The gate agents announced boarding for Zone 1, so I had my ticket scanned and boarded the bus. Within minutes, someone came on the bus to inform us that our flight would be delayed and we all needed to get off the bus.

After about half an hour, the gate agents let the first 17 rows of the plane board the bus. We had a short drive to our plane, passing other Volaris and Interjet planes.


We boarded through the front door, while the back rows boarded through the back door.


Aeromexico 107
Guadalajara – Mexico City
Depart: 10:00 AM
Arrive: 11:25 AM
Duration: 1 hr, 29 min
Seat: 2F

The business class cabin consists of three rows, in a 2-2 configuration. I quickly found my seat 2F.


My seat had the Aeroemexico logo stamped into it, and there was a blanket waiting for me. I liked the legrest that was attached to the seat, which I did not have on my following Aeromexico flight to SFO.

The armrest contained seat controls, remote, and a tray table.


We ended up taking off at 10:50am. For the duration of the flight, I napped and did some work using the gogo inflight wifi. Before I knew it, we had made it to Mexico City. We landed at 11:45am, about 20 minutes behind schedule.

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