Alcalde Restaurant

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I didn’t have much time to explore Guadalajara, but I did eat lunch at Alcalde, which was recommended to us by our contact in GDL. Later I found out it’s one of the best restaurants in the city. You can see TripAdvisor reviews here and Yelp reviews here.

Alcalde is on OpenTable, so I was able to easily make a reservation for our group.


The first thing I noticed was the beautiful decor of the restaurant. I’m kind of obsessed with it?


The waiter presented us with the menu, but also listed off a ton of specials in Spanish. I tried my best to understand, but my Spanish is so-so. At the end, he also said there was a tasting menu of 7 small dishes that would give us a good sampling of all the restaurant has to offer. Most of us decided to do the tasting menu, and let’s just say we bit off more than we could chew.


I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Delicious bread and butter with salt, spices, and pepper.
Agua Chile – Prawn in a cilantro, apple, jalapeno sauce. My favorite of the meal.
Tomato dish
El Pulpo (Octopus)
Tamal – cheese, corn, macadamia nuts
Soup with chicharonnes
Short rib
Lychee / coconut jelly dessert
Chocolate dessert


UGH. It was so much food and it was all so good and it only ended up costing about $50 USD per person.

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