Review: Alaska Airlines First Class SJC – GDL

Trip Report: 36 Hours in Mexico

  • Alaska 266 – Boeing 737
  • August 22, 2017
  • Depart: San Jose, CA 1:26pm
  • Arrive: Guadalajara, Mexico 7:05pm
  • Seat: 2F

I arrived at SJC at around 12:10pm. Since I was only traveling with a carry-on, I stopped at a kiosk to have my passport scanned.

I went upstairs to security, where the TSA precheck line was longer than both the normal and priority security lines. I went through the priority line, then went through a TSA precheck security lane. Even though I was stopped for “randomly selected screening”, the process took less than 10 minutes.

I headed to the gate where the plane was waiting.



Boarding began promptly at 12:46pm. Boarding announcements were made in both English and Spanish. Boarding started first with wheelchair passengers (of which there were many), then families with small children, then First Class and Alaska MVPs.


I found my seat 2F easily. Besides the seat next to me, the rest of the first class cabin was full (a mix of business and leisure travelers).



The first class cabin has three rows, arranged 2-2, for a total of 12 seats.



There were two power outlets in between each set of seats.


I felt like there was ample legroom — I was able to tuck my backpack under the seat in front of me and still had a ton of space. Additionally, each window seat has access to two windows.


I watched out the window during boarding and saw a golden Southwest plane:



During boarding, the flight attendant took drink orders and informed us that lunch would be a Thai salad. I immediately regretted not buying food in the airport, since the salad sounded small.

Lunch was served around 2:30pm, an hour after takeoff. The Thai salad was actually really good, great flavors and it felt healthy. However, I would say it’s a bit small to be considered “lunch”.



The Alaska website and paper materials said that flights to Mexico do not have internet. However, the gogoinflight network popped up after takeoff. I was able to use it for about an hour and a half. With about 2 hours left in flight, the internet cut out as we had left the coverage area. However, there were great views:


Soon, we were landing at Guadalajara.



We landed promptly at 7pm and taxied to our gate. There were plenty of planes from the Mexican airlines Interjet and Volaris, parked at remote stands. That made me grateful that we parked at a gate!




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