Credit Card Inventory: July 2017

Happy July!

I’ve been looking forward to this day, because I am now UNDER Chase’s 5/24 rule. I’m now at 4/24 (which means I applied for four cards in the past 24 months). I really really want the Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR) even though I missed out on the 100k signup bonus. Today, I applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and was instantly approved.

As if that’s not enough… I’ve heard that you can apply for two new Chase cards in one day and they combine the hard pulls on your account. I recently received an email with a targeted bonus offer of 30k points for the Chase Freedom Unlimited (CFU). So after getting approved for the CSR, I applied for the CFU and my application was marked pending. I called Chase and moved some credit from one card to another and was approved.

What’s In My Wallet

I use Sharpie + washi tape to keep track of each card’s bonus category
Card Annual Fee
Citi Forward $0
Discover IT $0
United MileagePlus Explorer $95
Chase Freedom $0
Citi Prestige $450
Amex Platinum $550
Starwood Preferred Guest Amex $95
Chase Sapphire Preferred $95
Chase Marriott $89
Barclay ArrivalPlus $89
Alaska Airlines Visa $75



Citi Forward

I opened this credit card while I was in college, so it’s my credit card with the longest history. It has no annual fee, so I’m going to keep it.

Discover It

I’ve had this no annual fee card for years, so I’m going to keep it for credit longevity purposes. I make a regular monthly charge on it once a month to keep the account open.

United MileagePlus

Living in San Francisco, I fly United quite a bit. This card gives me priority boarding, free checked bag, United club passes, and access to more award space on United flights. I think this is worth the $95 annual fee.

Chase Freedom

Keeping this card is a no-brainer. There’s no annual fee, and the card’s quarterly rotating categories have been useful to me (ie, restaurants, drugstores + grocery stores, Amazon).

Citi Prestige

In my mind, the cost of this card is $250 — it has an annual fee of $450, but comes with a $200 travel statement credit. I’ve decided to keep it, because it comes with a fourth night free on hotel stays.

Amex Platinum

I recently paid the $450 annual fee on this card, so I plan on keeping it for now. I love having access to Amex Centurion Lounges and Delta Sky Clubs (while flying Delta). In January, the annual fee will increase to $550. When that happens, I’ll probably downgrade this to a lower fee Amex card, then add myself as an authorized user to my boyfriend’s Amex Platinum card.

SPG Amex

SPG points are super valuable and flexible, so I’m definitely keeping this card.


Chase Sapphire Preferred – Downgrade

Ah, my first love ❤

This is one of my oldest accounts — I opened it soon after graduating from college. The Chase Sapphire Reserve makes this card obsolete, so it’s time to get rid of it. Instead of cancelling it, I am going to downgrade it to another Chase card.

Marriott Premier – Downgrade

I have both the SPG Amex and the Marriott Premier credit card, but I’d like to get rid of one of them. I just hit my one year anniversary for the Marriott card, so I received a free night certificate for category 1-5 Marriott hotels. However, I’ve had trouble finding a hotel that would be worth using that on. Further, SPG gives me free, unlimited Boingo access which is incredibly useful to me (in fact, I’m writing this post in an airport using Boingo wifi!). I think the flexibility of the SPG points are more valuable to me than the Marriott benefits, especially after reading TPG’s post on this topic.

Barclay Arrival Plus

This card offers cash back on travel purchases, but I prefer to use other cards for travel spending. I stopped using this card awhile ago, so I plan on closing it soon.

What’s Next

I previously wrote about how I want the Alaska Airlines credit card, so I’ll be applying for that soon.


  • Flights: Citi Prestige
  • SPG/Marriott hotels: SPG Amex
  • Travel/Dining: Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Quarterly Rotating Categories: Chase Freedom
  • Other: SPG Amex (or Chase Freedom Unlimited if Amex is not accepted)

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