A Quick Turn @ Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey

TL;DR: Beautiful hotel but you can probably get more bang for your buck elsewhere.


I booked one night at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey because I had to be in Venice for work. The rate was $283/night + taxes and fees for a total of $320/night.

I earned 3,419 Marriott points for this stay: 2,735 Base + 684 Elite base, which posted to my account two days after checkout.


Checking In

(Note: I arrived at night, so all exterior pictures were taken in the morning.)

I arrived at LAX around 8:30pm. After picking up my rental car and a 15 minute drive, I arrived at the hotel at around 9:30pm at night.


Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey exterior

The valet tried to take my car, but I had read online that there was cheaper parking across the street. The valet informed me that overnight parking was $42, and there’s no self-park option. This is just unbelievable considering the hotel is already the most expensive option in the area.

Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey driveway

I decided to park across the street for $10. The parking lot seemed pretty safe — even at 9:30pm, there were plenty of people walking their dogs or exercising. My discount parking option involved hopping over a low wall and jaywalking across the street to get back to the hotel.

Save $32 by hopping this one low wall!

Upon entering the lobby, I immediately turned left and reached the check-in desk. It was almost 10pm, so I appreciated how efficient the front-desk attendant was. He quickly confirmed my Marriott Gold status and printed off a key for me.

Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey lobby

I walked down a beautiful blue hallway to get to a row of three elevators, which took me to the 12th floor.

Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey hallway from lobby to elevators
Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey 1st floor elevator bay
Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey 12th floor elevator bay

The Room

I was given room 1209, on the highest floor.



There was a large dresser at the room’s entrance, which contained the minibar. There was also a closet with a robe, extra pillow, and safe.

To the right, there was a large marble bathroom with a shower-over-tub, large sink area, and toilet.

The bathroom had Asprey toiletries:

The room had a large king bed, TV, dresser, desk + work chair, and an armchair.


Interestingly, the room came with a white noise machine:


The room also came with a small balcony. In the morning, there were nice views of the marina, despite the fog.



In the morning, I checked out via the Marriott app, jaywalked + hopped the wall again, and was on my way to work.

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