I Want the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card

I’ve been considering the Alaska Airlines card for awhile now — it comes with a 30,000 sign-up bonus, free checked bags, and the companion fare. I wasn’t sure if it was worth another annual fee, but now Alaska is running a promotion that sweetens the deal even more for me.

If you apply by July 10, Alaska Airlines is reducing the cost of tickets bought with the companion fare during your first cardholder year. Any tickets booked with the companion fare in your first year are buy-one-get-one for $22. Normally, the companion fare is buy-one-get-one for $121 ($99 + taxes/fees).

Now that Virgin America flights are bookable on alaskaair.com, those flights are included in the promotion. You can really take advantage of Alaska + Virgin’s combined route map (especially if you’re west coast based!).


Based in the Bay Area?

For less than $200 roundtrip, a couple can hit the slopes in December at Park City. Or you can have a long weekend in fall in NYC for ~$400 roundtrip.


Based in Seattle?

A couple can head to Chicago in September for $350 roundtrip. Seeking warmer weather? Head to San Diego in November for less than $275 roundtrip for two.


LA based?

Take advantage of Washington, DC’s free museums before the school year for ~$300 for two. Or head to Orlando in October for Universal Studios and Disneyworld — ~$325 for two.


On the international side, head to Cabo, Mexico for $360 roundtrip for two. Or you can head to San Jose, Costa Rica for less than $450 roundtrip for two.



More details on the companion fare:

  • You have to book a roundtrip coach fare
  • You must book both tickets in the same booking
  • You receive your companion fare after spending $1,000 within the first 90 days
  • After reaching your minimum spend, your companion fare appears after 2 billing cycles
  • The reduced companion fare of $22 applies for flight booked within your first year (you don’t have to complete the flight within the first year)

WDYT — Will you apply for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card before July 10?

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