Review: Korean Air 747-8 Prestige Suite ICN-SFO

  1. Introduction
  2. Review: United 787-8 Dreamliner BusinessFirst SFO-KIX
  3. Review: Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel
  4. Highlights from Osaka
  5. Highlights from Kyoto
  6. Review: Kyomachiya Ryokan Sakura Honganji
  7. Review: Hyatt Regency Tokyo
  8. Highlights from Tokyo
  9. Review: Korean Air A330-200 Prestige Class NRT-ICN

Korean Air 23

  • ICN – SFO
  • Depart: Oct 11, 2016 5:33pm
  • Arrive: Oct 11, 2016 11:02am
  • Duration: 9hrs, 29mins
  • Seats: 18A, 18B (Prestige Suites)

Upon landing in ICN, we deplaned and headed to the Korean Air Lounge at ICN. I thought it was pretty average, and unfortunately we only had ~20mins so I didn’t get many pictures.

We headed to our gate, where our beautiful queen of the skies was parked.

1 - 747.jpg

We boarded through a separate jetway for First and Business class.

2 - jetway.jpg

We walked through the main deck’s business class, which was configured 1-2-1. The stairway to the plane’s upper deck was at the end of the cabin.

3 - main deck.jpg

We had chosen seats on the upper deck, which I was SO excited for.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 1.01.31 PM.png

On the upper deck, the prestige cabin is intimately configured 2-2, with only 6 rows.

4a - upper deck

4b - upper deck

A flight attendant guided me to my seat, 18A, a window seat. Max sat in seat 18B, the aisle seat next to me. (You can see in the video how ~perfect~ the FA’s hair is styled. It doesn’t even seem real.)

Our seats were behind the exit door, so we did not have passengers in front of us. That definitely made the seat seem even more spacious.

5 - the seat6 - two seats

The flight attendant saw me taking pictures and offered to take a picture of us together.

6a - two seats.jpg

Seat and Amenities

My seat had TWO storage compartments under the window, which was excellent. It looks like the even-numbered window seats had two compartments, while the odd ones had only one.

There was plenty of legroom in front of me, including a foot rest (which I couldn’t even reach while seated upright) and a large IFE.

7c - seat legroom, tv.jpg

While on the ground, the IFE had a technical glitch (#Android).

12 android.jpg

During the flight, Max pulled up the privacy screen between our seats, because my IFE’s screen was distracting him from his.

The right side of my seat featured a small storage area, remote, and seat controls.

The seat came with headphones and an amenity kit. I decided to use my own Bose headphones.

Additionally, the flight attendant handed out moisturizing face spray after the meal service.

9b face spray.jpg


Before takeoff, the flight attendant offered departure beverages, so I chose champagne.

11 champagne.jpg

The flight consisted of a dinner service after takeoff and breakfast before landing.

The dinner service began with the flight attendant placing tablecloths on the tray table.

14a tablecloth.jpg

We started with plums in vinegar, which were tasty.

14b plums.jpg

The appetizer was figs, cheese, and ham, which I enjoyed.

14c app.jpg

For my main course, I ordered the beef steak which was a bit tough.

14e beef steak.jpg

It was served with a roll, which you really can’t mess up.

giphy (4).gif

Max ordered the short rib, which he said was good.

14f short rib.jpg

Dessert consisted of a cheese course and ice cream.

Before landing, we were served breakfast. I chose the egg frittata while Max chose the ramen.

I don’t know why I chose the egg dish, since I didn’t have an appetite for it after flying for 9 hours. Meanwhile, Max enjoyed his ramen.


It was a clear day in San Francisco, so I could see the Bay Area out of the window.


17d landing.jpg
One last look at the camera…

We collected our things and headed down the staircase. Max really liked the Korean Air blanket, so he asked the flight attendant if he could take it. She said, “Well if you ask me to take it, I must respond ‘No'”, which we took as a wink-wink-nudge-nudge.

The flight attendants in the main deck ensured that we could deplane before the economy passengers did. Since Max and I both have Global Entry, we were through security in minutes.

18 fin.jpg
The end of our Japan trip!

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