Weekend in Vegas: 4 Things I Learned about Flying JetBlue

Mini trip report for a weekend in Vegas.

  1. Air France / KLM Lounge @ SFO
  2. 4 Things I Learned about Flying JetBlue
  3. Vdara
  4. American Express Centurion Lounge @ LAS

4 Things I Learned about Flying JetBlue

The flight between San Francisco and Las Vegas is a little bit over an hour, so I didn’t take extensive pictures or notes. Here are a few things I learned when flying JetBlue:

1. JetBlue uses International Terminal A @ SFO.


2. JetBlue boards from back to front (ie, rows 20-25 first, followed by 15-25, etc)


My seats 8D and 12A meant I would be one of the last to board.

3. If you’re seated towards the front of the plane (I sat in row 8 and row 12), you’ll probably be able to find overhead space.


Boarding was almost complete, and still some room in the overhead bins!

4. JetBlue has free WiFi!

The wifi network is called FlyFi. To use the wifi, connect to the network then navigate to flyfi.com in your browser. (Note: on my iPhone, I had to use Safari, not Chrome, to visit flyfi.com).


Overall, I had a good experience flying JetBlue, except for their location in SFO.

→ Part 3: Vdara

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