Extra 2+ United Miles when Shopping on Amazon

TL,DR: Use the United MileagePlus X app (iOS, Android) to earn an extra 2 miles (2.25 if you’re a MileagePlus cardholder) when shopping on Amazon. 

How it works

First, you’ll need to download the United MileagePlus X app (iOSAndroid). Setup the app by logging in to your United MileagePlus account. If you don’t have a United MileagePlus number, sign up here

Shop around on Amazon, and when you’re ready to checkout, take note of the total cost.


In the app, select Amazon. Enter the total purchase price to purchase an electronic gift card for that amount, then enter the gift code as your payment method. (Because you are purchasing these items with a gift card, the purchase is subject to the merchant’s policies and credit card benefits are not applicable.) After pressing “Pay now”, you’ll receive a gift code which you can then use as your payment method on Amazon.


Apply the gift code under “Payment Method”:


When you complete your order, mark your gift card as redeemed. Once redeemed, you’ll see how many United miles you earned for your purchase.


You’ll get an extra 25% bonus miles if you’re a MileagePlus cardholder. Note: You don’t have to pay with your United MileagePlus card in order to receive this bonus. I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred in this transaction. When logging into Chase, I can see the transaction:


The transaction is categorized as:


Which means I’ll earn 1 Chase Ultimate Reward point per dollar spent. If I had the new Chase Freedom Unlimited card, I’d earn 1.5 UR points / dollar.

Bottom Line

I think the few extra steps are worth it for the bonus miles. The only downside is that the purchases will no longer be covered by your credit card’s benefits. What do you think? Will you use the app to get extra United miles?

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