Trip Report: Bentonville Film Festival, Part 3

Last week, I travelled to Bentonville, Arkansas for the Bentonville Film Festival. It was a quick trip, so this is a quick trip report.

Part 3: Bentonville Film Festival

I came to the festival as a panelist for Google’s Science Speed Dating event.



See, there I am, surrounded by PhD’s who all have very professional headshots.

My fellow scientists/engineers and I gave quick talks to small groups of filmmakers. I told each group about my path in computer science, starting as a cheerleader in high school, pursuing a BS at UCLA while competing in hackathons, and my current job at Google/YouTube, where I recently worked on mobile autoplay.


After the science speed dating, we reconvened for a Q&A session. We had so many attendees tell us that the event was interesting and valuable. Living in SF, I take for granted the readily available access to scientists and engineers.


Other highlights from the festival:

  • “Geena and Friends”, a table read where Geena Davis and her friends reimagined scenes that were all male into all female scenes. Hosted at the beautiful Crystal Bridges Museum.
  • Meeting Nia Vardalos 😍
  • Seeing Captain America: Civil War
  • Seeing Maggie’s Plan
  • Amazing Reel vs Real Diversity panel
  • Ice cream store at the Walmart Museum that gives you a couple bites of ice cream for $0.50 (honestly, don’t you just want two bites of ice cream)
  • Running into Science Speed Dating attendees all over the fest who were still excited and inspired after the event!

Part 4: Bentonvile → SFO

Other posts about Bentonville Film Festival: #bff2016

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