Thai Thanksgiving: KBV -> BKK

  1. Introduction
  2. SFO -> PVG -> HKT
  3. 6 hours in Phuket
  4. Ko Phi Phi
  5. Ao Nang
  6. KBV (Krabi) -> BKK (Bangkok)
  7. Bangkok
  8. BKK -> PVG -> SFO

We took a cab from Aonang Orchid Resort to Krabi Airport (KBV). Since we had a group of four and our luggage, we had to take a van, which we negotiated to 600baht (~$17).


Krabi airport is a small but pleasant airport, with an international terminal and a domestic terminal. While waiting at the gate, we saw a Thai Airways plane taxiing:


We paid $49 each to fly Bangkok Airways one-way from Krabi to Bangkok. The flight was full, and I remembered that during our elephant trek we met a couple who had travelled to Ao Nang from Bangkok but decided to go back because of the poor weather. After a quick boarding process, we were on our way to Bangkok!

Flight PG 262
Departs Krabi (KBV)
26 Nov 2015  – 11:30am
Arrives Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
26 Nov 2015 –  12:55pm


The view out the window leaving KBV was beautiful:


Our tickets indicated we would be served a “snack”. I was impressed that they served a small meal during the short flight. I didn’t eat much of it though – my stomach was upset from some Thai food I had eaten the night before.



Shortly after the meal service, we started our descent into BKK. We spent about 15 minutes taxiing from the runway to a remote stand, as BKK airport is huge! The exterior design is really fun to look at:


Photo from

After Phi Phi and Ao Nang, Bangkok was quite a change of pace!

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