Thai Thanksgiving: Ao Nang

  1. Introduction
  2. SFO -> PVG -> HKT
  3. 6 hours in Phuket
  4. Ko Phi Phi
  5. Ao Nang
  6. KBV (Krabi) -> BKK (Bangkok)
  7. Bangkok
  8. BKK -> PVG -> SFO

We woke up in time for our last breakfast at the hotel and loaded our luggage onto the carts to head to the pier. We boarded the 10am ferry to Krabi and everyone else slept the whole time. I couldn’t sleep, I was too excited!


Almost to Krabi…

By the time we reached Krabi, it was pouring rain. Luckily, the walk from the boat to the end of the terminal is covered. Pretty much everyone was headed towards Ao Nang, so it was easy to find a car to take us there. We headed straight to Aonang Orchid Resort to drop off our luggage. I picked this resort because it was centrally located and the hotel had available swim up pool villas, which I really wanted to try.


King size bed in our pool villa


Direct pool access!


View from the pool of our villa in the middle

Once we had dropped off our stuff, we walked around town to get some food. We ended up at an indian/thai restaurant where I had an insane amount of crab for less than $10:


Mmm…garlic crab.

While I got a massage, Max dropped off our laundry at a place next to our hotel. We only paid a few dollars and were able to pick it up that evening. We ended up calling it an early night since the weather was poor and we were pretty tired.

The next morning, we woke up bright and early for an 8am elephant tour that I had booked with KrabiTrek. When we got to the lobby however, we were informed that the 8am tour had been cancelled and we had to rebook onto the 10am tour. This was upsetting because I had booked 8am so we could have the rest of the day to ourselves in Ao Nang. I spoke with the tour operator on the phone and was able to switch to the 10am tour and receive half of our money back. Once that was settled, we decided to get massages on the beach and then head back for our 10am pickup time.

We drove 40minutes into the jungle to head to the elephant tour. As soon as we got there, we met up with elephants and we were able to feed them bananas!


Elephants eat a lot of bananas


Max feeding a banana to an elephant

After feeding the elephants, we hopped on their backs and trekked through the jungle:


After a long trek, we dismounted the elephants and had a snack of freshly cut pineapple. One of the employees came up to me and asked, “Are you Thai?”

“No, I’m American!”, I responded. He said, “It’s tripping me out, every time I see you I want to speak Thai to you!” Hah!

After our snack we met a baby elephant and bathed him. He was sooo cute. He started off standing in the water, then sat down, and finally laid down on his side:


Cheers to a successful morning riding and bathing elephants!

We spent the afternoon walking around Ao Nang shopping for krathong to celebrate Loy Krathong, a festival in which you float a handmade basket into the river. We were so lucky to be in Thailand for this beautiful festival! In 2016, Loy Krathong falls on November 15, and if you’re planning to go, I’ve heard it’s even more beautiful in Chiang Mai.


Thai woman making and selling krathong


My Krathong

In the evening, we went to the ocean to light our krathong and float them into the ocean:


The krathong are made out of banana leaves, flowers, and held together with pins! So I would be wary to walk along the beach or swim the day after Loy Krathong, as the water is probably full of the remnants of the krathongs.

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