Thai Thanksgiving: SFO -> PVG -> HKT

  1. Introduction
  2. SFO -> PVG -> HKT
  3. 6 hours in Phuket
  4. Ko Phi Phi
  5. Ao Nang
  6. KBV (Krabi) -> BKK (Bangkok)
  7. Bangkok
  8. BKK -> PVG -> SFO

We arrived at SFO around 9am for our noon flight. ExpertFlyer showed a ton of open seats in business class, but the cost to upgrade at the counter was $1000. Pass.

We went through security and found ourselves at the international terminal with a couple hours to kill.


Using my PriorityPass account (from my Citi Prestige card), we went to the AirFrance/KLM lounge. The lounge is located in Terminal A, to the left immediately after security.


The lounge had booze, mediocre food, and views of AirBART and the planes at the gate. Initially, I thought it was weird that the lounge served Cup Noodles, but apparently that’s a thing. The first class lounge in Shanghai had Cup Noodles, and a bunch of other instant noodle bowls.


After some food and drink in the lounge, we headed to the gate to board our plane.


As we stepped onto the jetway, a flight attendant said something to me in Chinese. “What?” “Oh, do you have any duty free shopping?”

So apparently, I pass for Chinese.


We were seated in the middle 4 seats of one row, we looked great at the start of the flight! Thirteen hours later, not so much. None of us slept really well, and the food was the worst food I’d ever had on an airplane.

There was a seatback entertainment screen, so I watched The Kings Speech and played some craps. What I wasn’t expecting was what happened on the screen during the last hour of our flight. The flight attendant announced there would be Tai Chi on the plane after the long flight. All of the entertainment screens turned to this:

Well we participated from our seats, because when in China, right?

We landed in Shanghai after the invigorating Tai Chi session. Our plane parked at a remote stand, and we took a bus to the terminal. After going through security, we wandered around the international terminal in search of food. After the miserable food on our flight, we were pretty hungry.


When in China, eat Korean food? 


Dessert Mochi in Shanghai before heading to Thailand

We stopped at a Korean restaurant and ate some bibimbap. I realize now we should have done more research when it came to our layover in China. We had no idea what the exchange rate was to USD. We attempted to get on the wifi, but it required receiving an access code via SMS which we couldn’t get. Even if we could get on the wifi, we would not have been able to access Google.

We hung out in the terminal for an hour before boarding our short flight to Phuket. We were so exhausted that we slept for most of the flight, and landed in Phuket around 2am. Finally we had made it to Thailand!

→ Part 3: 6 hours in Phuket

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