Nola + GHC: Grace Hopper

  1. Introduction
  2. SFO -> New Orleans
  3. Exploring Nallins
  4. SpringHill Suites Houston Downtown
  5. Grace Hopper

Highlight: Excessive amounts of photo booth.

The actual conference and the amazing events outside of the conference are what Grace Hopper so rewarding and fun. Last year was my first time attending Grace Hopper, and it was incredible. But this year didn’t live up to my expectations. It’s hard to describe why, but this write-up by my friend Denzil describes it pretty well.

When I have mixed emotions about something, my first reaction is to untangle my feelings into a pro/con list. So here it goes:


  • Panel with women leaders from NASA: This should have had a more clickbait title, a lot of people didn’t realize how awesome it would be from its title.
  • Talk on virality of content from BuzzFeed: This had just the right amount of math to be mentally engaging but not too much as to overwhelm the audience
  • Keynote where Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay, said that you don’t have to pretend to be one of the guys. That really stuck with me, and I’ve stopped feigning interest in things that might be “stereotypically engineer”. Like Star Wars. DGAF
  • Tuesday night party featuring performance by Dessa hosted by Pandora
  • Amazing party hosted by Pinterest
  • Amazing Women Techmakers party hosted by Google
  • Intimate lunch (~30 people) with Jack Dorsey hosted by twitter



Lowlights: lots of statistics like these.

  • Lots of talks repeatedly talking about women in tech “problems”. Hearing repeated negativity brought me down
  • A lot of talks couldn’t hit that sweet spot for me when it came to the technical level of the content. This is due to the scale of the conference: there are students, new grad engineers, industry professionals, academics. How can you create content that everyone will understand and follow?
  • The rooms allocated for certain talks (for example: AI lightning talks) were way too small, so many people (including myself) couldn’t get in
  • Twitter negativity: This isn’t just a problem with the conference. It seems like any event or action will cause someone on twitter to tweet something mean at or about you. I saw this on twitter during Brianna Wu’s talk and during the keynote where the GoDaddy CEO spoke.
  • Temperature: no but really, it was REALLY cold in some of the convention center rooms

I hope that 2015 is just a blip for me, and that GHC 2016 will be the best one yet.

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