My Thailand Essentials

I went to Thailand for a week during Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t have been able to survive this trip without these 7 items:

  1. Heys America SmartPortal Carry On Luggage: I got this new suitcase, and it’s so cute I call it my cutecase ™. Though it’s marketed as a carry on, the wheels add an extra two inches to the height. This means it won’t fit in a domestic airline bag sizer, but it had no trouble fitting in the planes we flew to and within Thailand. Some things I love about this cutecase: It’s a hardshell, which I think is easier to keep clean.
    Most hardshell suitcases open down the middle. This one opens down the middle and in the front. It’s the best of both worlds. And it’s expandable! 
  2. Charles Schwab Debit Card: I’m always amazed when my friends say they’ve never heard of this card before. You get NO FEES at any ATM – you simply accept the fee on the ATM screen when prompted, and Schwab will refund the fee to you at the end of the month. I keep “fast cash” money in the account and carry this debit card with me – only a small amount of money would be compromised if something were to happen to the card (like when my debit card got skimmed in Mexico last year).
  3. Fannypak: Not the most fashionable item, but super convenient. I carried my passport around every day, and I liked having it close to my body.
  4. Blister Kit: Your most comfortable shoes or sandals can become your worst enemy after a long day of walking mixed with sweat and sand. The kit comes with small squares of gel, which act as cushioning and also helps the blister heal.
  5. Flight 001 Spacepak: I love this packing bag because it opens on both sides: your clean clothes stay in one side and as they get dirty, you transfer them to the other side. A great way to stay organized and keep your clean clothes fresh while traveling.
  6. UltraThon Insect Repellant Lotion: Keep the mosquitoes and malaria away! Sometimes it’s more convenient to apply lotion than to spray an aerosol everywhere. And these are carry-on friendly.
  7. Dude wipes / Stall mates: Most restrooms in Thailand don’t have toilet paper. These are amazing because they are individually wrapped, so you can toss a few in your bag instead of carrying toilet paper around.

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