NoLa + GHC: SFO -> New Orleans

A trip report in five installments covering my recent trip to New Orleans for fun and Houston for Grace Hopper – the largest conference for women in computing.

  1. Introduction
  2. SFO -> New Orleans
  3. Exploring Nallins
  4. SpringHill Suites Houston Downtown
  5. Grace Hopper

On Saturday, we flew United 1094 from SFO -> MSY. I was the last of my friends to arrive at SFO, and the pre-check line was out of control. The bay area is just full of lifehackers who pay for global entry 😉

Even though this was a work trip, I paid for the ticket using my United MileagePlus Explorer card, so I could get priority boarding. One of my friends also has the card, so boarded the plane together in group 2. I love sitting at the window, so the first thing I did when seated was open the window shade. Somehow, I opened it and it got misaligned on its track and got stuck.


The flight was fully boarded when the flight attendant came on the PA to announce that they were performing “maintenance on the brakes” and we would be delayed about about 40 minutes. She gave us the option to deplane but we would have to bring our carryons with us.


Forty minutes is nothing when you’ve got internet, so I decided to stay on the plane. A little bit later, the FA comes on the PA again: “Actually, everyone needs to get off the plane.” After deplaning, we were told to stay in the area as they would announce when it was time to reboard.

Suddenly, something magical happened. An SFO therapy dog came by the terminal to cheer up the delayed passengers. The woman with the dog says she brings him to gates where flights are delayed.


Successfully cheered up, I settled in some seats and went on my laptop while my friends went in search of hot chocolate. Slowly, a commotion built up with many people in the terminal leaning against the windows taking pictures. All flights were temporarily grounded, because Obama was leaving SFO. #thanksobama


Finally, we reboarded the plane again – over two hours delayed. 

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