Southwest Airlines announces SFO-BUR daily service!

When I visit my family, I always choose to fly into Burbank airport, due to its small size and proximity to my parents’ house. 

Since YouTube HQ is <10 min drive to SFO, I prefer to depart from San Francisco airport to catch one of United’s daily flights between the two cities I call home. But when the cost of the United ticket outweighs the convenience, I take BART across the bay to catch a flight from Oakland to Burbank on Southwest instead. 

So I’m thrilled that Southwest announced daily flights between SFO and BUR! They’re running a promotion where one-way flights start at $49, which is so much cheaper than the last SFO-BUR flight I booked on United ($450 – luckily it was for business).

I do like the tiny planes United uses – 2×2 meant no middle seats but on a 45 minute flight it doesn’t matter that much 😉


Southwest Airlines announces SFO-BUR daily service!

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