How To Save Money (and Quadruple Dip) On Business Class Airfares

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to go to London for a week for a work event. I found out about a month in advance, and immediately started looking at airfares. I had a budget for my airfare but wanted to cross the pond in comfort. At first, it didn’t seem possible since Google Flights was showing business class fares ~$7000 which was absurd.

Then I found out about hotel + flight bundles on Expedia! I saved BIG by booking a flight and hotel stay together in a bundle. Here’s how I did it. Read More

My Experience Downgrading the Chase Sapphire Preferred

As I said in a previous post, I picked up the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which makes my Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) redundant. I wanted to remove the CSP from my wallet since the card has a $95 annual fee. However, the account is almost four years old, so I decided to downgrade the card instead of closing the account altogether.

Downgrading the card means the card is converted to another product, but you keep the credit card number and the account’s longevity. I don’t think you can downgrade your card online, but luckily it only takes a few minutes on the phone to complete the process.

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Birthday Trip: Lisbon and the Azores!

For my birthday, I’m headed to Portugal! A perfect storm of factors led me to pick Portugal as the next country to visit:

  1. My coworker is from Portugal and always talks about how amazing it is
  2. Conde Nast Traveler’s podcast recently covered Portugal as an excellent European destination
  3. One Mile at a Time recently blogged about Azores Airlines

I’m a bit short on miles right now, so I decided to book economy tickets on TAP Portugal, Ryanair, and Azores Airlines.

First, we’re flying from San Francisco to Lisbon, with a three-hour layover in JFK. For our six-night stay in Lisbon, we booked a beautiful 1-bedroom Airbnb for only $113/night. The host promptly messaged us with a guide to Lisbon and an offer to arrange airport transportation. ❤

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Review: Hotel Indigo Anaheim

TL;DR: I would definitely stay here again. Convenient location, free parking, and comfortable rooms make Hotel Indigo Anaheim a great value.


I booked this hotel for four nights in June. The nightly rate was $236 for a total of $1104. (I had originally booked for five nights, but I decided to spend one night at the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey. I called about a week before my checkin date and adjusted my reservation.)

For this stay, I earned 9,440 pts. But wait, there’s more…

giphy (5).gif

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Credit Card Inventory: July 2017

Happy July!

I’ve been looking forward to this day, because I am now UNDER Chase’s 5/24 rule. I’m now at 4/24 (which means I applied for four cards in the past 24 months). I really really want the Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR) even though I missed out on the 100k signup bonus. Today, I applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and was instantly approved.

As if that’s not enough… I’ve heard that you can apply for two new Chase cards in one day and they combine the hard pulls on your account. I recently received an email with a targeted bonus offer of 30k points for the Chase Freedom Unlimited (CFU). So after getting approved for the CSR, I applied for the CFU and my application was marked pending. I called Chase and moved some credit from one card to another and was approved.

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A Quick Turn @ Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey

TL;DR: Beautiful hotel but you can probably get more bang for your buck elsewhere.


I booked one night at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey because I had to be in Venice for work. The rate was $283/night + taxes and fees for a total of $320/night.

I earned 3,419 Marriott points for this stay: 2,735 Base + 684 Elite base, which posted to my account two days after checkout. Read More